Where are the puppies now?

I try to stay in touch with my puppy owners as best I can, and I am lucky enough to see many on a regular basis trialing, showing and hunting. All are friends and always welcome to stop by, pull a chair up to the table, or share a field with me and the dogs.

My 2013 Felix/Gwen litter resulted in four beautiful dogs; Iggy Jo, Izzy, Isaura, and Indiana.

Iggy  is running trails with his owner in Central Illinois. Izzy is hunting the timber and agricultural edges of Southern Illinois, while Indiana (Marcel) is working the fence-lines and creeks of Indiana for "Red-eyed Ditch Devils" (Ringneck Pheasants). Isaura, while not hunting, is a long distance runner in Missouri with her energetic family.

My 2014 Brique/Gwen litter, the "Briquettes"; Jager, J'ai Ceci (Rip), Jameson Duke, Jasper, Jax, and Jumpin' Jack Flash are some of the most striking orange and white dogs I have seen.

Jager is working hard with his American Brittany sister, Jenny,  in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Jager goes to work  every day and is usually rewarded with a trip to the hunting club on Friday afternoon!

J'ai Ceci (which means "I got this" in French) goes by Rip. He is hunting and running the Central Illinois prairies with his fellow EB, Spot. Rip is a fantastic hunting and trialing dog, earning his UKC TAN and GUN designation, but he has also earned his UKC Champion of Confirmation (show ring) and was named the 2015 UKC CEB-US Epagneul Breton National Best of Breed by esteemed French confirmation judge Philippe Dubroca.

Jameson Duke, who goes by Duke, enjoys being in the boat and swimming at his summer lake house with his fellow EB, Molly. In the Fall, Duke works the timber and grasslands of a near-by upland club for pheasants and quail.

Jasper lives in Eastern Michigan as a family companion for a loving family. 

Jax calls the Western edge of Ohio home. He volunteers for many Pheasants Forever youth events and guides and hunts at a local upland club. Jax has been running in several UKC field trial events and has also earned his TAN designation. Jax had the unfortunate fate of being shown with/against his brother Rip at the 2015 CEB-US National EB Specialty Show. Jax took reserve in every category (second place) bested only by Rip!

In April of 2016, Rip and Jax squared off again at the CEB-US UKC National Epagneul Breton Specialty Show in Iowa. This time Jax was awarded the title of 2016 National Best of Breed by Canadian Judge Reynald Lefebvre.

Jumpin' Jack Flash, or Flash as he is called, resides in Central Arizona. Considering the location, Flash loves water! He doesn't hunt, but is a companion for the family with his Lab buddy, Cooper, and loves to point the birds that land in the backyard at the feeder.