Born June 06, 2009

Spike came into my life by accident and good fortune. A co-worker of mine unfortunately had to find a new home for her puggle, so I brought Spike home for a meet-and-greet with the other dogs. Of course Felix and Gwen took to him like a long lost brother and the rest is history...

Spike is a very curious, affectionate and playful dog. He loves to chase Felix in the backyard and cuddle on the couch with Gwen. When Felix and Gwen had their litters of puppies, Spike was fascinated with them. He would sit at the edge of the whelping box watching Gwen take care of them. When they were old enough to walk around, Spike would follow them.

The tables turned at about 6 weeks old when the puppies were old enough to chase "Uncle" Spike around the house and backyard. They would swat at his face and try to jump on his back. It was really funny when all four ganged up on him and he couldn't find a place to hide. It was great socialization for the puppies and a well earned break for Gwen.

Spike does not hunt, even though he is half beagle (pug x beagle = puggle). Spike does accompany Felix and Gwen when they run in the fields for conditioning. He keeps up well and has even learned to honor! Although he is more of a flusher than a pointer.