I live in the Des Plaines River Valley in Northern Illinois, where the Des Plaines and DuPage Rivers meet. I am a home-based occasional breeder focusing on upland hunting dogs for the American foot hunter, yet remaining true to the French standard and the origin of the Epagneul Breton (EB). 

I began much like you, researching the EB to make an informed decision about the breed.

First and foremost I was looking for an upland bird dog but also needed a breed that fit my lifestyle.  This led me to the Epagneul Breton, or the French Brittany as they are commonly known in America, and my first dog: Felix Sur Le Delavan.

After spending a season training, I planned a few hunting trips to see the country and allow Felix to experience unique terrain and new game birds.  I joined the Club de L'Epagneul Breton of the United States (CEB-US) and entered Felix in field trials and specialty shows.  This led me to my second EB, Gwendolyn Hites Mississippi.

Both of my dogs are experienced: from coveys of Bobwhite Quail on long-leaf pine plantations in Georgia; wild Ring-necked Pheasants on the farmlands of Iowa, Illinois and Kansas; American Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse in the forests and sloughs of the upper peninsula of Michigan; to Sharp-tail Grouse  and Hungarian Partridge on the plains of North Dakota. They are both excellent hunters as well as wonderful companions in the house. Thanks to my Epagneul Bretons I have met some fantastic people, seen some incredible parts of the country and had some pretty wild adventures!

If you are interested in the breed, training, or a puppy please browse the site for additional information.  Thank you and happy hunting!

- Ken Teppel

Des Plaines Epagneul Bretons