Gwendolyn Hites Mississippi

Born May 02, 2011

During the summer of 2011,  I decided to look into getting another EB as I was so happy with Felix. In August, I learned that Felix's uncle, a littermate of his mother Lucy, was available. I brought Duke home and made arrangements to send him to a trainer in North Dakota for field and bird work. Unfortunately due to a health concern, I had Duke neutered and he now resides permanently in Central Illinois with another EB and American Brittany. Duke turned out to be a phenomenal hunter, especially for never seeing a bird until he was three. I still get the opportunity to see Duke a few times a year and get the honor of hunting over him every now and then during the upland season.

After Duke, I continued to research pedigrees and speak to breeders about their dogs and future litters. With nothing out there that I was interested in, the search took a back seat to hunting season. By chance I found Gigi (I later changed her name to Gwendolyn) out of the Hites Mississippi kennel of Illinois in January 2012. I was attending the Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club of Georgia's field trial and specialty show in Pine Mountain, Georgia, with Felix. These events were being held just prior to the Club de L' Epagneul Breton of the United States' national field trials and specialty show in Quincy, Florida. By the end of both events, Gwendolyn Hites Mississippi won my heart, along with a bunch of ribbons and medals, and was on her way back to Illinois with Felix and me.

Gwen on point training.JPG

In the field Gwen compliments Felix's hunting style well. She ranges much closer to me, always checking in. She is an excellent backing dog that honors her bracemate without hesitation. When she contacts game she also slows down working methodically back and forth, but her points are much different than Felix's. She has the heart-stopping, rock-solid, laser-beam intense points (as seen above). She has become a master of the Coule'e, trailing moving game close enough to get it to stop and hold, but not too close to flush. Gwen was also a natural retriever when she first came to me, but like Felix, had to learn my expectations of her over the off-season.

In the house Gwen is the watch dog. She will investigate any sound at any time and let out a bark or growl to let all know she is there. When not staring out the window, she is usually found on her favorite couch curled up with Spike, Felix or me.

Gwen's hips were also OFA radiographed with a finding of Good. She is also not a carrier of the Ay, Sable gene. Gwen's lineage combines some of the best and most renowned kennels in France together and can be seen here. Gwen has been confirmed by the CEB-US as an Epagneul Breton and rated as Excellent.